Corporate Identity + Guiding System + Design


  • Client: Matsu
  • Date: 23 November, 2015
  • Online: www.matsu.cn

This beautiful project was initiated bei EXH Design. Not only they introduced me to the owner, but also already inspired me for my work by the great interior design they were about to realize at the time.

Matsu was growing as an expert for design office furniture, imported from Europe. There were so succesful with their products that they didn't thought about building a brand.

Starting with the personal business card of the owner, I created the very base of Matsu Corporate Culture. Not only a revitalization of the corporate design for public audience, but also a visionary culture for the hundreds of employees. Many projects followed, stationary, magazines but aswell corporate table ware or luxury give-aways. Beautiful, as I said.

79102 Freiburg i.B.
+49 761 881 443 22