GM-SAIC Pavilion


  • Client: Georg P. Johnson 4 SAIC | GM
  • Date: 2009-2010

With the theme of “Drive to 2030,” the SAIC-GM Pavilion took visitors on a journey into the future to experience a better life and better society. Through advanced technology solutions in electrification, autonomous driving and connectivity, pavilion visitors experienced a world that is free from petroleum and emissions, free from congestion and accidents, and more fun and fashionable than ever before. A full range of future vehicles were exhibited, aswell as technology ideas that will help transform SAIC and GM’s vision into reality.

I completed a brilliant team of designers to create the visual concept for signage and interface design themed - 行.

The pavilion was very succesfull. As only corporate pavilion for Expo 2010 it received the Most Excellent Public Building Prize from the Architectural Society of Shanghai.

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